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The www.nestoreholidays.com portal (the "Web Site") is owned and operated by Fabio Rossi ("The Manager") with registered address in Gubbio (Italy), at Fraz. Colonnata 18, VAT No. IT01761910544.
These General Terms and Conditions for use of the Web Site ("Terms") - as well as our Privacy Policy and further notes and conditions that appear on the Web Site - govern the use of such Web Site by the users and constitute a binding agreement between The Manager and the individual user ("User").
By your access to and use of any of the services on this Web Site, you become a User of its services.
By accessing the Web Site and using specific services you agree to accept and abide by the Conditions of Use and the specific terms associated with all services available.
By your access to this Website you will be deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to its Terms.
We therefore recommend you read this document thoroughly if you wish to make use of the information and services provided by this Web Site. The Manager reserve the right to to revise these Terms and/or other conditions with respect to User access to the Web Site and inform Users by posting revised or additional terms and conditions on this Web Site. Subsequent use of the Web Site will constitute acceptance of the modifications by the User. Users who do not agree to be bound by these Terms, should promptly discontinue their use of the Web Site.

Personal Information Submitted by User

No registration is necessary to browse the Web Site and to view accommodation solutions, features of the individual properties and general information on the rental locations. Users wishing to receive rental offers ("Customer Users") are requested to fill out the registration form available on the Web Site by adding their personal information. Users wishing to advertise their own accommodation solutions ("Provider Users") are likewise requested to fill out the registration form available on the Web Site by adding their personal information. All data submitted to the Web Site is treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy, accessible in the Privacy section of the Web Site. For further information on the  Privacy Policy, Users may write to nestore@nestoreholidays.com or directly to our registered office address as indicated above.

Features and Services of the Web Site

The Web Site features various types of properties located in Italy and abroad ("Properties"), for which rental agreements may be stipulated directly with their owners or with the operators entitled to offer them for rental. The specific type and contents of such rental agreements may vary depending on the various types of properties, their location and the duration of the rental. The Web Site offers Customer Users the opportunity to purchase ancillary services offered by third parties, as well as other services to be provided on request. The brokerage activity leading to property rentals is conducted, where necessary, by real estate agencies and authorized intermediaries, who operate in their respective locations and promote property rentals through the Web Site. In addition to operating the Web Site, The Manager offers Users the support of a multilingual Customer Service Team that can provide information and explanations as to the features of each property, its location and the ancillary services offered. The Manager's Customer Service Team can be contacted at the phone numbers indicated on the Web Site, by filling out the request forms found on the Web Site, or by sending an e-mail to nestore@nestoreholidays.com.

Stipulation of Agreements for Property Rentals and Ancillary Services

Through the Web Site, Customer Users may enter into agreements for short-term rentals directly with the owners of such properties through the services of authorized intermediaries. Such procedure may be carried out autonomously by the Customer User (through the so-called Online Booking) or with the assistance of the Customer Service Team. In either case, Customer Users may view the contents of the rental proposal and indicate their acceptance independently (by clicking the "Accept" link during the Online Booking procedure) or directly to the Customer Service Team. Once the rental proposal has been viewed and accepted, the agreement shall be deemed as completed and in effect. Customer Users may further purchase ancillary services in connection with the rental through the same procedure, together with the stipulation of the rental agreement.

Rental Prices

Prices quoted to Customer Users for specific rental periods may be composed of:

Down Payment
Rental cost
Any ancillary services requested during the booking process
Agreement registration fees where applicable
VAT or other taxes where applicable
Tourist tax where applicable
Brokerage fees where applicable

Customer Users are requested to read the rental proposals thoroughly to identify the items that make up the final rental price.


Any information submitted by Customer Users for payments through the Web Site (e.g., their credit/debit card number or its expiry date) will be transmitted through an encryption protocol to the credit institutions that provide remote electronic payment services and are fully protected against third-party access. When necessary, such information may be accessed by The Manager for the sole purpose of discharging the duties arising from these Terms, for the accounting processes required to issue legally required documents (such as invoices, etc.), and in the event it becomes necessary to cooperate with law enforcement agencies on matters involving frauds committed through the Web Site.

User Obligations

Users declare and guarantee the veracity and accuracy of the personal information provided in the online forms and commit to using the Web Site in compliance with the Terms herein stated, with any further directions as may appear on the Web Site, and with the terms and conditions of use of specific services. Provider Users assume full liability to Customer Users and any third parties regarding the accuracy of the information published on the Web Site.

Intellectual Property

All content published on the Web Site - or accessible through it - is protected by legislation on copyrights and industrial property. Fabio Rossi owns the Web Site, the Web pages, all information and text contents, documents, pictures, drawings, graphics, software, logos, brands, trademarks, names and other symbols protected by intellectual and industrial property rights. Users are not authorized to reproduce, modify, decode, circulate, copy, and disseminate above-mentioned information and contents absent the express prior permission of  the Manager.

Limitation of Liability

Users agree to hold harmless The Manager from any liabilities arising from agreements concluded through the support of this Web Site or in connection with its published contents or associated with the activity - or lack thereof - of other Users. The Manager do not guarantee Users uninterrupted access to the Web Site and to their services, since this may be affected by factors outside their control. Therefore, The manager - to the extent permitted by the Consumer Code and other applicable legislation - exclude all warranties, other terms and implicit conditions. The Manager exclude all liability for any loss of profit, goodwill or damage to the reputation or for any direct, indirect or consequential damage incurred in connection with the use of the Web Site and of any services featured on it.

Limitations to the Use of the Web Site

In their use of and access to the Web Site, Users agree:

not to use automatic devices, software and other systems intended to damage or to index the Web Site or any of its content, nor to interfere with the features and services of the Web Site;
not to take any action that might create a data overload or move an excessive bulk of data within the system;
not to exploit the contents of the Web Site or conduct any framing activity on the Web Site, also for the purpose of creating databases or other data-gathering activities, or to engage in competing activities of any kind;
not to disseminate advertising material, invitations to tenders, competitions, polls, or other unwanted forms of solicitation;
not to publish unlawful, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, abusive, pornographic, libelous, indecent, inflammatory material, or anything that may infringe the rights of any other person;
not to infringe the rights of any individual, including copyrights, trade secrets, rights of or privacy or any other intellectual or proprietary rights;
not to publish, sell, promote or exploit the Web Site and/or its contents in any form without express prior permission;
not to use the Web Site or any contents therein in any way that may be deemed unreasonable and/or contrary to the purposes of the Web Site.


By accepting the Terms, the User agrees to to indemnify, defend, and hold The Manager, harmless from and against any and all liability and claim arising from any breach by the User of the conditions contained in these Terms, of the law's requirements, or of third-party rights.

Links, Banners and Third-Party Advertising

The Web Site may contain links to other web sites owned and operated by third parties, advertising banners linking to other sites owned and operated by third parties, and to advertising content in general. Users agree that - by accessing those links - they will leave this Web Site at their own risk, and acknowledge the fact that our Terms do not govern access to and browsing of said sites. Any advertising appearing on the Web Site does not imply any participation or endorsement of the same by The Manager.

Applicable law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by Italian law. 
Users acting in a consumer capacity may benefit from the rights set out in the Legislative Decree 206 of 2005 (“Consumer Code”). In this case, pursuant to said Consumer Code, any disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the court of the consumer's place of residence.